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This is an old version of the tool. I recommend against using it. You can get an online version of the tool here. I’ve verified that it works for Windows 7, 8 and 10.


In the GFC, many people in Hungary found that they had bigger problems than
just their savings. There were people who had had all of their savings wiped
out, but they had been an active member of their community, or often worked in
a family owned business, or knew someone who would have died on Christmas Day
and their family wouldn’t have been able to afford the funeral. Not everyone
was uneducated but there is a big difference between the poor and the rich.

The article talks about this: _In the mid-2000s, a man named Ivan Skorin
approached several people at the intersection of Sixth and 13th Streets, to
offer a choice: you can keep your savings, or you can have a chance at a share
of an apartment. Skorin and those around him described themselves as fintech
mafia — independent credit-rating agencies, payday lenders,” like money
management firms, the encyclopedia says._

Sounds a bit scary.

This isn’t nearly as interesting as the original article.

It’s also not a real ‚original‘ article, it’s a derivatives of the original
article, which was interesting. (The only difference is the notion of
charitable giving and wealthy individuals taking advantage of the poor. )


Error injecting „from“ in mockito

I am trying to inject a resource provider in a service via its constructor. I have the following:
public class MyService{
ResourceContainer resourceContainer;

public MyService(){



When running the tests, the injection fails:
junit.framework.AssertionFailedError: Failed to inject MyService via constructor

I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing wrong or why this is


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