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AutoCAD’s user interface is similar to that of other CAD programs, with commands located in tabbed menus or buttons in the user interface. Some key commands are not directly tied to a menu or button, and are listed as „hotkeys“ instead of buttons on a keyboard.

The AutoCAD help system is also similar to that of other CAD programs, with the help system accessible by clicking on the Help button. Each command in the help system consists of a title and a list of examples that show what each command does.

In 2006, Autodesk acquired the design-meeting/collaboration software company Netfinity, makers of NetMeeting.

As of AutoCAD 2007, version 20, the official support for this version ended on July 16, 2007. Many of the features listed in this article are still present, but no longer supported. They have been listed here, to serve as a reference.


AutoCAD was created by Bill Gates and several programmers while he was a member of the Technical Advisory Council of the MIT CAD Lab. The company was originally named Polaroid Graphics Software when founded in 1980. In 1982, it was renamed AutoCAD after its primary user target market, architecture and engineering firms.

In 1994, Autodesk bought the North American rights to the AutoCAD and MicroStation line of CAD products.

On August 22, 2008, Autodesk announced it would be discontinuing support for AutoCAD 2002. The final major release of AutoCAD 2002, including the 2009 update, was 2.14, released on July 15, 2009. However, support for AutoCAD 2002 will continue to run until the end of life.

In April 2010 Autodesk announced that the development of AutoCAD was suspended. Autodesk cited the need to move development of Autodesk software to a single platform as a reason for the move.

In 2010, the company acquired parts of the technology from Corel Corporation and renamed the resulting technology „AutoCAD Architecture“.

As of version 2009 of AutoCAD, the company (referring to it as „AutoCAD“) supports the use of 2D and 3D drafting and architectural functions on mobile devices.

On June 15, 2010, Autodesk’s CEO announced that the company would be breaking AutoCAD off from the rest of the Autodesk family of software and moving it to

AutoCAD (April-2022)

AutoCAD Activation Code Architecture: a modeling program that allows CAD engineers to design 3D building models; also used to design 3D city models and for planning office space.
AutoCAD Electrical: a software package which can be used for electrical and electronic design, structural design and computer aided manufacturing (CAM).
AutoCAD Mechanical: a mechanical design program that can be used to create drawings for manufacturing and assembly engineering.
AutoCAD Structural Design: a software package which can be used to create drawings for structural engineering.
AutoCAD Pipe: a 2D drafting program, similar to DraftSight and AutoCAD MEP.
AutoCAD Landscape: software used to create and edit Landscape Arch graphics and publish them in a variety of media formats, including PDF and JPEG. Landscape Arch is a graphical file format that allows software to produce a page-oriented presentation of any information contained in an AutoCAD drawing.

AutoCAD Viewer: a viewer for rasterized PDF, BMP, DDS, GIF, JPG, PNG, PCX, TIFF and WMF files, it can be used to display natively and to merge into the same drawing: 2D vector graphics or a 3D model. Viewer also includes a vector graphics editor.

In 2019 the company also introduced a system called ‘Intelligent Engagement’ using AI technology. The company says it will apply the tech to its existing products as well as new product development.

Historical products
AutoCAD 2D
AutoCAD 3D
AutoCAD Architecture
AutoCAD Civil 3D
AutoCAD Electrical
AutoCAD Mechanical
AutoCAD Pipe
AutoCAD Landscape
AutoCAD Structure
AutoCAD SP and MSX Office
AutoCAD Viewer
AutoCAD MEP Design Package

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Once the Autocad has been activated, start the Autocad program and open the menu.
Click on Tools > Licensing > Generate and install the Key for Autodesk Autocad How to use the Autocad license key
Install Autodesk Autocad and activate it.
Open the Autocad program and enter your license key to register Autocad

This license key is valid for one machine only, and is allowed on only one operating system per machine. The license key expires at the end of the month.

7.1 Autodesk® AutoCAD® Civil 3D® 2010/2011/2012/2013 is the official software for Autodesk® AutoCAD® Civil 3D® 2010/2011/2012/2013.

This release includes both the original Civil 3D and AutoCAD Civil 3D versions.

7.1.1 Installation

Autodesk® AutoCAD® Civil 3D® 2010/2011/2012/2013 requires a computer with at least 1GB of RAM. This version of Autodesk® AutoCAD® Civil 3D® requires the DirectX® graphics card version 10.0 or higher and the IRIX® graphics card version 7.1 or higher. The latest version of Autodesk® AutoCAD® Civil 3D® 2010/2011/2012/2013 is available here.

This software is not guaranteed for new or old computers and it does not work on all operating systems.

7.1.2 The user must have the Autodesk® AutoCAD® Civil 3D® 2010/2011/2012/2013 key to install and use this software.

The following links allow the user to download the key

7.1.3 Use the Autocad_AutoCADCivil3D2010201120122013_KeyGen.exe file, which you can find in the „License“ folder, and install it on your computer.

7.1.4 Open Autocad and go to the Options menu, then click on Licensing.

7.1.5 Select „Autocad_AutoCADCivil3D2010201120122013_KeyGen.exe“ from the „License“ folder.

7.1.6 Click on the „Generate key

What’s New in the?

Editor options to auto-adjust feature settings based on your drawing scenario.

Improved integration with Flashpoint, to display different drawing properties and changes in the context of a drawing. (video: 1:40 min.)

New native editing tools to simplify common tasks.

Multi-modal annotation to interact with your drawings in new ways. (video: 1:54 min.)

PDF Import for non-Flashpoint users:

Import PDF files directly into your drawings, so you can create quality content from the data on paper. (video: 1:38 min.)

New windows and layouts for managing files.

Simplified font management, so you can quickly access any font from your fonts library, and easily import new fonts.

New precision modes, to let you set an exact angle or scale in relation to a specified origin.

Smart guides:

Make your drawings more readable with new pixel-based grid options. Make lines follow the guidelines of the grid.

Revive your annotation skills with new, easy-to-use markers, including:

New rules to help you organize and better manage your annotations.

New, simplified annotation tools that bring the power of Flashpoint annotation to non-Flashpoint users.

New annotation templates. (video: 1:23 min.)

New clip management with the new Page Out tool.

Revision stamps:

Quickly identify changes between different versions of your drawings, easily see changes and comments, and track a document’s history.

Revision stamps show changes to a drawing or its content, including comments. (video: 1:17 min.)

Linked annotations and revision stamps:

Group content and annotations together for a better look and more flexibility.

Link all linked annotations and revision stamps to see who’s who.

Quick revision stamps:

See all of your revisions at a glance, even if you’ve added lots of revisions.

Join the discussion about the new features by downloading the AutoCAD 2023 product comparison or by posting to the discussion boards at

Keep up to date on all the latest CAD news by subscribing to the Autodesk CAD blog.

Sharing and Web Clipping:

Create any drawing type you can imagine, then share the experience on the web. Use the AutoCAD™ Web App to collaborate, create and document your design

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (64-bit)
Processor: 3.0 GHz dual core or higher
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia Geforce GTX 660/AMD HD 7750 or higher
Storage: 1 GB available space
Input: Keyboard/mouse, game controller
Other: DirectX 11
Time of Installation: Less than 30 mins
System Requirements:
OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1,

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