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Hard Disk Serial Number Changer Crack + Keygen

Hard Disk Serial Number Changer Crack For Windows is a free utility to help you change the hard disk serial number and activate its recovery settings. This free utility does not require any installation and does not require to restart computer. Just run this free utility, select the hard disk drive, enter the serial number and click change button. Hard Disk Serial Number Changer Crack Keygen will change the hard disk serial number easily and will activate its recovery settings. All the changes will be displayed in hard disk serial number change window. Hard Disk Serial Number Changer Serial Key is an easy to use tool and makes the change of hard disk serial number very easy.

Additional file information

File version:

File size: 1 MB

MD5: bda1b3e2e21e3a1cac0e10f5fe7e1a7e

SHA1: 9ae6f18056e2253c2a9a1e615b5b9a7eb9d45fd5

What’s New in This Release:

Added trial and install options to the main window.

Added a new message box with license information.

Added a new „Get registry keys“ option to the main window.

Corrected the issue where „hard disk serial number change“ option does not work in Windows XP.
case Data:
// data
atomic.StoreUint64(&d.b, uint64(v))
case ETag:
// set etag
d.etag = v
case LastModified:
// set last modified
d.lastModified = v
case CacheControl:
// set cache control
d.cacheControl = v


// Encode encodes the struct into an output stream.
func (d *Decoder) Encode(os…io.Writer) error {
for _, w := range os {
if err := w.Write(d.buffer); err!= nil {
return err
return nil


// Decode decodes the input stream into the struct.
func (d *Decoder) Decode(r io.Reader) error {

Hard Disk Serial Number Changer

Changer can be used to change the serial number of your hard disk. The serial number is found on the „boot“ sector of your hard disk. When you install a new hard disk, Windows automatically assigns the desired serial number to the hard disk.
To find the serial number, follow these steps:
– Launch a Command Prompt window.
– Type „diskpart“ and press the ENTER key.
– Type „list disk“ and press the ENTER key.
– Select the disk which you would like to change the serial number with the cursor and press the ENTER key.
– Press the SPACE bar and type the desired serial number in the empty field, and press the ENTER key.
Hard Disk Serial Number Changer – Key Features:
– Allows you to change the serial number of your hard disk.
– Changes serial number through a Command Prompt window.
– Works on all PC hardware and Windows versions.
– No installation necessary.
– Easy to use.
– Works on removable devices.
– You don’t have to start up the computer after the change.
– No unnecessary use of system resources.
– Safe and efficient.
– It is not necessary to reformat the disk to change the serial number.
– No error, no hanging, and no crash.
– Works fine on newer operating systems.
– Adjustable keyboard shortcuts.
– Backup feature.
– And much more.
Changer – Usage Instructions:
Hard Disk Serial Number Changer works as follows:
– First, you must choose the disk you want to change the serial number of.
– The device must be mounted.
– Select the disk which you would like to change the serial number.
– Click the button and select the desired number.
– Then you press the ENTER key.
– The changes will apply right away.
– Just follow the procedure as above to start the changes.
– If you want to see the changes immediately, you can start the computer and the computer will be re-started with the new settings.
– You do not have to format the disk to change the serial number.
– It is recommended to have formatted the disk at least once, as the utility doesn’t add any entries to the Windows registry.
– The data is saved to the startup sector of the disk.
– The current changes are not deleted when you remove the utility. You can change the serial number by using another utility.
– Backup is disabled.

Hard Disk Serial Number Changer Crack With License Code Latest

Program Features:

Easy to use: this is a small tool which requires no special knowledge to work with.

Minimal impact on system resources: the serial number change process is performed without any resources hogging.

Minimal operating system requirement: it works on all Windows versions and makes few changes to your system.

Updated for all current Windows version: all versions of Windows since Windows 2000 have been tested, and the application works without problems.

User-friendly: there are no advanced features, just a regular window where you can select a drive letter and change the serial number in any way you want.

All changes are applied without a restart: the program can perform a serial number change without your computer restarting. This is also a handy feature when you are debugging the drive.

Great for changing OEM serial number: you can use this program to change the serial number of the drive’s label and manufacturer.

Optimized for USB Flash Drives: we can save Hard Disk Serial Number Changer on a USB drive and run it from any machine.

Option to cancel: when you change the serial number, it is not saved, so you can cancel the change at any time if you do not like the change.

Also not a scam tool: we have tested the program and know that it is not a scam tool, but can provide a full refund in case it does not do what is advertised.

How to use Hard Disk Serial Number Changer:

With no intervention from the user, the program automatically opens and takes care of all the steps.

As soon as the application is started, it will ask you if you wish to perform a complete format of the drive, or just change the serial number. Choose the latter option, then click the „Changer“ button.

A window will appear, where you can select the drive you want to change the serial number. Click on „Next“ to start the process.

You will be asked to select the drive letter and select the new serial number. Type the number, then click „OK“.

The program will now start to change the serial number on the selected drive. As soon as the process is finished, you will be shown the finished window and the drive name will be changed to your newly selected number. You can click the „OK“ button to confirm the changes.

When the serial number has been changed, you will see a dialog box appear and

What’s New In Hard Disk Serial Number Changer?

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System Requirements For Hard Disk Serial Number Changer:

OS: Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32/64-bit).
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent, 2.4 GHz, or equivalent.
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: GPU with 2 GB RAM or greater. Intel HD Graphics 3000 or equivalent.
DirectX: Version 11 or greater.
Network: Broadband Internet connection.
Storage: 4 GB available space for Windows 10 installation; 2 GB available space for Windows 7 and 8 installation; 32 MB available


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