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InventoryBuilder is a powerful and easy to use inventory manager created to help you organize your valuables and important documents. In case your house is damaged or burglarized you can print reports to your insurance company for documentation of your items.
You can also use it just to keep track off your TV’s, cameras, computer hardware, DVD collection, artwork and every other valuable object in your home or office. Store descriptive information for every item like condition, location, model, serial number and well anything else you can think of. You can store purchase information including where and when you bought it and how much you paid.









Easy MP3 Recorder Free X64

Record your audio in any format and save them in MP3 format.
Just start the recording, press the “stop” button when you have finished recording, and you have an MP3 file ready to be listened to on your MP3 player.
There is a selection of predefined formats available and you can record in.WAV,.MP3,.WMA,.OGG,.M4A and.FLAC. The recording quality is great, and you can adjust the recording volume using the in-built volume control.
The audio can be streamed from one MP3 player to another via DLNA. And the recorded music can be stored on an SD card for later listening.
There is a free and a pro version available.
· Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
· A sound card that supports built-in recording is required
Easy SVN The best continuous integration tool for windows. It makes easy to upload binaries of your Windows application from a remote location into the source control repository and to install your changed and fixed revisions of the source code in Windows. Also you can easily deploy your software to the user.
For SVN repositories:
SVN Server
SVN Client
For Git repositories:
Git Server
Git Client
The software is free for the SVN repositories; however for the Git servers you have to buy the licenses.
EasyPNG is an easy and a cost-efficient software tool for changing PNG images for the most popular browsers and operating systems.
It is a portable software package and can be used on all computers from any platform: PC, smartphone, tablet, Linux, Mac OS X, etc.
The software works with PNG-8, PNG-24 and RAW image formats.
It allows changing the transparency, the color of the skin, the texture, the background, etc.
EasyPNG is a Java-based app: you can run it just by clicking the shortcut or pressing a hotkey.
The application has a simple and intuitive interface and the settings are clearly marked in each toolbar item.
The tool is designed for everyone, so you don’t need to be a specialist in image processing or graphic design.
The free version will satisfy almost all needs.
There is also an advanced version, for professionals, if you prefer to change more information about the image.
PNG Customizer Photoshop-Like Image Editor is the ultimate PNG image

Easy MP3 Recorder Crack Torrent

With this easy to use application you can quickly and easily record your voice, create MP3 files, optionally extract individual MP3 from WAV files, adjust parameters of MP3 and WAV files, and convert any audio file format to other file formats.
MP3 Tools Pro is an audio editor for the PC, it enables you to record, play, edit, convert and convert audio files to MP3 or WAV with many powerful editing features and options.
Record your voice, music or any other audio files.
M-Audio’s free VST (VST Plugin) and VST Instrument Kontakt VSTi instruments are now available for your favorite Windows® based DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).
M-Audio’s free VST instruments are a great way to start your exploration of music production on the PC.
Android Devide, Device Manager, Allows you to test & monitor your hardware & installed software on your Android mobile devices.
This product is completely compatible with Android 2.2 and newer.
oX 2.0 is a powerful graphical presentation tool for presentations and annotations.
oX 2.0 is a complete platform to manage and create presentations and makes them readable by anyone. Create and manage your professional slides with ease and get more out of each slide.
This new model is designed with the new style of creating presentations, then with easy way of editing.
Your data will be accessible, and you will never worry about loosing your documents again!
Quite a few up-to-date office application get easily installed, including; a document, spreadsheet, word processor, web browsing, email, etc.
SnackTime is a new web service that allows users to sign up for a free account, then enjoy the following services:
Instant notifications of sporting events that interest you.
Sports scores, team and individual player stats, player updates.
Scheduled end-of-season sweepstakes for „winning“ sports teams.
Quotes from famous sports figures.
Easy detection of your computer to use PC scan tool. Find new hardware and driver updates for your computer.
Various tools to report your computer’s hardware and driver status.
Save the computer to the registry and restore it later.
Protect your computer against PC attacks.
Simple password management.
SnackTime.com provides tons of useful features. You will also be able to easily download their freeware to your computer.
Split tasks easily, and spend more time doing what you want and

Easy MP3 Recorder

Record and export files of all desired events or periods in your music collection. Then create playlists of those files, edit or sort them, add or remove files.
Record and export files of all desired events or periods in your music collection. Then create playlists of those files, edit or sort them, add or remove files.
Easy MP3 Recorder Requirements:
Windows 98SE/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Win7, Version 2003 – 2007.
Download Easy MP3 Recorder:
Easy MP3 Recorder Features:
Recording from CD:
Free up memory – Easy MP3 Recorder uses an external track editor, so your computer will not be bogged down by consuming a lot of memory in the process.
Manage any audio file:
You will always have maximum control over the editing, by re-editing or deleting single or multiple files, and re-compressing existing audio files.
Custom level of compression:
More than 2 different compression levels, so your files get the best possible compression without taking up any extra memory.
Export audio:
Export audio in any format supported by the standard MP3 audio player.
Deleting failed recordings:
Delete failed recordings, so your space remains available for new recordings.
Recording from the internet:
Record from the internet, you can use the internet connection of your computer, or use your own ADSL or T-Mobile or other internet connection.
Personal Event Manager is an organizer for your day-to-day life. It gives the freedom to organize your day efficiently.
PEM organizes your daily activities from morning to evening, from phone calls to documents, from notes to schedules. You can also save your schedule in your PEM (Personal Event Manager) and send it to your other devices with your PEM account.
PEM organizes your daily activities from morning to evening, from phone calls to documents, from notes to schedules. You can also save your schedule in your PEM (Personal Event Manager) and send it to your other devices with your PEM account.
Personal Event Manager Requirements:
Mac OS X 10.4.11 and later.
Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7.
Download Personal Event Manager:
Personal Event Manager Features:
GPS: allows you to track the current locations of your appointments and events, and save the location of each item on the map.
Excel import: import your tables and cells, and set up a

What’s New In?

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced music lover, Easy MP3 Recorder is the right program for you. This easy-to-use application lets you record audios from your sound card, microphone, CD player, CD burner, DVD or any other devices. Then you can convert your recordings to popular music formats such as MP3, WAV, WMA, FLAC, AAC, AC3, Ogg Vorbis, and Ogg Speex. You can add effects to your recordings, adjust their volume, select between mono/stereo/dual/quad/or surround audio output, and even mix two or more tracks. This versatile recording tool doesn’t require any sophisticated knowledge or techniques. Its user-friendly interface and top-class features make it the best-selling MP3 recording software of all time!
Easy Lossless Video Converter Description:
No one wants to buy a whole CD just to enjoy a few favorite songs. You can use Easy Lossless Video Converter to rip CD tracks directly into your hard disc, so that they can be viewed and enjoyed with ease. Besides, you can also convert DVD and Blu-ray movies to popular video formats like AVI, MP4, MOV, FLV, WMV, ASF, RM and other formats as well.
Key Features:
• Import tracks from audio CDs, DVD/Blu-ray movies, or files directly
• Record audios from the sound card, microphone, CD player, CD burner, DVD or any other devices.
• Convert videos to AVI, MP4, MOV, FLV, WMV, ASF, RM and other compatible formats
• Add effects to your videos
• Set the effect preset according to your needs
• Adjust volume, surround mode, bitrate, frame rate or language
• Supports over 100 popular audio & video codecs and format.
Easy Movie Cast Description:
Want to transfer all your files to portable devices with one click? No need to buy a new portable device or connect it to the computer all the time, with Easy Movie Cast you can transfer your computer files to pocket PC, MP3 player, PSP, iPod, Zune and lots of other popular devices with only a few mouse clicks!
Easy Movie Cast has all the features of the popular VideoCast software, which has been praised by thousands of users. Now, new functions of Awesome Movie Cast have been added!
Features Include:
• Transfer files from your computer to portable devices with a

System Requirements:

You will need to have two Internet connections: One for the game servers, and the other for the World Server. For best gameplay experience you will need to have at least a 56k modem connection for both of these, as the game is 3-5 times larger than previous titles. However, for a slightly less stable experience you can play with a 128k modem.
All the game files are hosted on a dedicated server, so the games will work fine with a 256k modem.
The World Server can be found by searching for „FRL


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