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Editing a photo takes time. It can be quite a lengthy process, especially when you want to achieve a certain look for your image. But even if you're not particularly picky about your editing, the whole thing can still take a good amount of time to finish.
When working on a batch of photos for which you already have a sort of preset in mind, it would be a boon to not have to go through them individually. Editing one single picture can take a while, but multiple? That could be quite an arduous process. Time is a precious thing, and if there are a bunch of images you want to edit similarly, Batch It is just the app for you.
Efficient batch editing
You can pick up this app quite easily. The "Control Center" shows you a brief overview of the photos you've added for the software to convert. Through the menu nested near the top, users also have the ability to load an entire folder, and the app will fetch the photos from it.
Under the "Image & Filename Settings" menu, users can take advantage of some of the program's formatting capabilities, such as cropping, rotating, resizing, as well as converting. There is also the "Image Effects" menu, taking this further thanks to its ability to brighten up your photos, change their contrast and sharpen them, and even add a border.
Caption, watermark, and prepare for print
With Batch It, inserting captions and watermarks into multiple photos is also readily available. The designated menu for those functions lets you add text and change its look, whilst also giving you the option to move it around. The same applies in the case of watermarks, able to be added as image files.
You can also prepare your photos for printing using this software. There is a dedicated section just for that in the last tab, where "Contact Sheet Printing" facilitates the process of adding in multiple images on a single sheet of paper.
Batch It is pretty versatile, all things considered. Owing to its efficient batch editing capabilities, it can save you a good amount of time and frustration when you have to alter multiple photos in a similar style.







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Batch It is an easy-to-use, yet powerful photo batch-processing solution that can perform various tasks for you on multiple pictures – including resizing, sharpening, and cropping, adjusting contrast, brightness, hue, saturation, and color balance, as well as adding captions, watermarks, borders, editing EXIF metadata, and more. In addition, you can also reorder the images by date, name, or both, combine them into contact sheets, save your processing results to a variety of destinations (both online and offline), and export to JPEG, JPEG 2000, PNG, GIF, TIFF, or PDF.
What’s New
You asked for it. We’ve added some new features to make your editing even easier.
1. Added Accessibility Settings. You can now launch Batch It directly from the Accessibility Center on your device. You can also enable the Show Cropping & Resizing options under the Image & Filename Settings tab.
2. Added Compatibility with iPad Pro. You can now crop and resize a Contact Sheet to be displayed on an iPad Pro.British police said on Sunday that they are investigating a seventh alleged indecent assault by a wealthy financier who preyed on young models at a London party.

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Easy to use batch editing app for iPhone and iPad
Faster, Easier and Efficient
Support for editing high quality photos



BatchPhoto – Postcard Software





When you are getting a photo ready for printing, you can save yourself a lot of time by setting a default printing size. Your print will be delivered in a scaled down version, but no time is wasted.
The BatchPhoto Image Maker is ideal for creating photo prints in a snap. You can set the default print size to print 3×3, 4×4 or 5×5 postcard prints from a set of files in a single operation.
The way you choose to set your default printing size is by selecting the number of photographs you wish to print, right from the Photo Viewer or Camera app. From there you can choose from three sizes, 3×3, 4×4 or 5×5.
Once you have chosen the size and number of photographs, BatchPhoto will display a list of your available photographs that are ready to be printed. Just select the images you wish to print in the order you want them to appear and hit Start.
On most mobile operating systems, any changes that you make to your files are instantly reflected in your photos. Changes to your files can be made from your phone or other computer. With BatchPhoto, you do not have to update any of your files, as you can save time by making some settings and not have to update your settings to see your results. Just choose the size of the print and hit Start!
As well as being able to set your default print size, BatchPhoto also lets you set your default export size. By choosing the size that you would like to set as your default export size, you can save some time when you are choosing to export your files from your phone or other device.
You can also duplicate the file and edit it to remove unwanted features. BatchPhoto can remove signatures from photos, crop borders and remove frames. You can even edit and add special effects to your images. Just choose the feature that you would like to use, and it will be applied to your duplicate. With BatchPhoto you can make custom collages too!



Real-time privacy and security




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„Take control! Always use multiple photos at the same time, and take advantage of Batch It’s intelligent features. Whether you’re looking to improve the quality of your images, optimize the performance of your computer, or simply make some fast design tweaks, Batch It is just the right app for you.“
[Press sample images]

Experimental Park is a puzzle game set in space. Explore this bizarre sci-fi world, through various environments and collect the required materials to save your colony from destruction.
Explore the stars in the Experimental Park. Use your spaceship to reach the forbidden zones where you’ll be able to find the required components for rebuilding your colony.
You’ll have to discover the stars in different environments such as the sky, space, colonies and the surface of the Earth.
There are four blocks of blocks in the game. You must control them and use them to explore the stars.
Your goal is to find the six stars scattered around the galaxies and bring them back to the planet, through different environments.
You can find bonus items in the sky, oceans or plants.
Collect all the stars you can find and rebuild your colony, to save your species from extinction.
-Great graphics
-Easy to play
-Simple controls
[How to play]
1.Travel to the planets using your spaceship.
2.Use the blocks to explore the space.
3.Switch between blocks, to collect the stars.
4.When ready, return to the ship and travel back to your home.
[Game modes]
-Tower Block: Block identical to your spaceship.
-Planet Block: Explore and collect the stars and blocks on the planets.
-Stream Block: You’re left alone on the ocean, surrounded by seaweed. Pick up the scattered blocks, and they will clear the waves.
-Sky Block: Avoid the rocks and get to the top of the clouds. Move up the levels by picking up the required blocks.
Walls may break sometimes when blocks are adjacent to each other
Smaller rocks may be moved by large rocks if put under them

Live Note for Android is a simple-yet-powerful iPhone-only application that combines a to-do list manager, calculator, stopwatch and more into one app.
The really neat part of the app is that everything can be done without a keyboard or stylus. In fact, Live Note

What’s New in the Batch It?

Batch It is designed for Mac users who want to design and/or create printing presses for large groups of photos.
Batch It Features:
-Automatically converts large group of photos into contact sheets;
-Batch image resizing;
-Batch photo composition;
-Batch text and watermark;
-Batch image effects;
-Batch rotate, crop, and resize;
-PDF editor;
-File organizer;
-App icon editor.
Platform: OS X
Edition type: Full version

Our new video editing app, Skitch is designed to replace the standard video editor with a single app, taking care of everything you need. With Skitch you can edit video and organize your clips before you share it.
Skitch Review
In Skitch you can easily preview, adjust, and share your favorite videos. You can even draw on the screen to annotate your clips, create a sketch, add notes, or create a playlist. Skitch shows thumbnails of your videos to give you an idea of how your edits will look before you make them.
If you have a complex video editing project in mind that requires multiple people, then Skitch can make the work go much smoother. You can import your videos into the Skitch app through Dropbox, and invite other users to collaborate on your clips with you. This makes it easier for you to get feedback and avoid writing lengthy emails to discuss a video clip, since the process is streamlined.
If you’re looking for a video editor that’s easy to use, will make editing your videos quick and fun, and is simple to share, then Skitch is the ideal companion for your next project.
-Import video clips from your Dropbox account;
-Create a basic video timeline;
-Easy video annotation;
-Draw on the screen to annotate your clips;
-Add notes to your videos;
-Create playlists;
-Share your videos via YouTube and popular sharing sites;
-Import multiple videos and create a slideshow;
-Preview, adjust, and share your videos with your friends;
-Create and edit customizable thumbnails;
-Drag your files into Skitch for an automatic preview.
What’s New in Version 2.0.3:
-Playlist: Create and share custom playlists with your friends;
-Thumbnail: Easily customize thumbnails;
-Social: Share your videos via Facebook and Twitter;

System Requirements:

To play the game you will need the following:
64-bit Windows 7 or Windows 8 64-bit or Windows 10 64-bit
5 GB free disk space
DirectX 11
Intel Core i5-2400 or AMD Athlon x64 2.5GHz or later CPU
NVIDIA GeForce 650 Ti or ATI Radeon HD 5700 or later (supported GPUs)
Intel Mac Intel Mac 10.9.5 or later
5 GB free

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