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Musical Palette – Melody Composing Tool Crack + Incl Product Key Free [Win/Mac] [Latest-2022]

This program is an analogue to a melody framework. The program has lots of possible motives, phrases and sentences. Which can be arranged into chord progressions.
■ 12 methods of motive development
■ Interactive algorithms to easily develop motives
■ 12 methods of motif development
■ Up to 300 div. and up to 300 magnification steps.
■ Can import melody from midi files (to a max of 3 tracks)
■ Customizable motives of phrases and sentences using triads and seventh chords.
■ Simple buttons to choose the method of motive development
■ ‚Theoretical‘ algorithm to compose melodies and chords
■ The program supports chord grids (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th positions)
■ Amplitude (max) is adjustable.
■ The program computes every parameter of a motive (order, div. factor, magnification factor)
■ Directly goes to the next motive without any interruptions
■ If you are satisfied with the result, you can save it in the temporary memory
■ If you change the size of the motive (for example, you increased the div. factor to 5) or change the position of the motive, the program will automatically adjust all previously computed motives
■ The program computes the note values of motive (resons), and calculates the total duration of each motive
■ Each motive can be saved as a text file
■ The program exports the result to midi files: to MP3, WAV, MIDI

Composers dream of having music played by a band in a concert hall or on TV. Searing music brings pleasure and a sense of belonging to a crowd. For this reason, bands and orchestras are an integral part of mass media. All those who work in the field of music, know that the only way to reach a wide audience is to communicate in the language of the TV or radio. Some of them want to use their talents to create music that makes people jump, while others prefer to invite people to a place where they can have some fun. This program is specially designed for those who want to compose music for their band or orchestra. Below, you’ll find the main features and the use of the program:
Features of the program:
■ 8x speed of the piano keyboard.
■ Can

Musical Palette – Melody Composing Tool Crack+ Download


Musical Palette – Melody Composing Tool Crack License Code & Keygen [Mac/Win]

Program characteristics:
■ This program is based on the theory of music composition and provides a comprehensive theoretical base.
■ The program gives one a possibility to compose melodies not only from beginning. It is also possible to compose tunes, where it is possible to use the existing motives/phrases in any combination.
■ The structure of melodies is analogue to the structure of common speech. That is, there are words (motives), phrases and sentences. To compose a melody, you must first select a motive and a phrase that are suitable for the existing harmony. The program suggests the ‚theoretically correct‘ algorithms of melody generation. The main advantage of the algorithms is: we take some existing part of a melody (motive or phrase) and apply motive development (variation, inversion, etc.) to this motive of phrase to create a new motive or phrase of the melody.
■ The program operates on the level of motive, phrase and score, where a motive is a monophonic part, a phrase is a harmonized part and a score contains motives and phrases.
■ When composing a melody, the program uses the modus operandi of motives development, where every motive can be developed in a different method. The program uses twelve four basic methods of motive development (variation, inversion, sequence, etc.). In addition to motive development, the program implements the best and most commonly used methods of melodic composition (arpeggio, trill, natural harmonic rhythm, etc.).
■ The program calculates tonic, dominant, mediant, subdominant, submediant, leading tone and distance between the tonic and the subdominant and the distance between the dominant and the submediant. The program also knows the most commonly used submediants, which facilitate the ability to compose melodies in a way, which is effective in all situations.
■ The program knows how to develop motive phrases on the scale degrees, tonal degrees and harmony intervals.
■ The program knows all the three modes: major, minor and lydian. The program speaks the language of the modes. This allows the program to understand the nature of the motives, which can appear on these modes.
■ The program understands the relationships between triads of the key. The program represents the chords in a four-voice form: soprano, alto, tenor and bass.
■ The program

What’s New In Musical Palette – Melody Composing Tool?

The program helps you compose an original melody in the optimal way. It offers different possibilities to compose melodies.
Here are some key features of „Musical Palette“:
■ The program represents the melody in a structure that is analogue to the structure of common speech. There are words (motives), phrases, sentences. Such an approach allows a simple and effective algorithm to be applied to the composition of melodies.
■ The program implements twelve four methods of motive development. Some of them are listed here: variation; inversion; repetition; sequence and so on. These methods similar to the visual effects in graphical editors. The program suggests the ‚theoretically correct‘ algorithm for the melody creation. The main advantage of the algorithm is: we take some existing part of a melody (motive or phrase) and apply the methods of motive development (for example, variation) to this motive of phrase to create a new motive or phrase of the melody.
■ The program knows the most commonly used triads and seventh chords of the key. The program represents the chords in a four-voice form. The names of the voices are soprano, alto, tenor and bass. Any chord has many variants of an arrangement. For example: any chord note can be placed in the first position of the arrangement. The chord notes can be arranged adjacently (tight arrangement) or remotely (wide arrangement). The user can choose both the type of the chord and the arrangement of the chord.
■ The program understands the logic of the functional motion. That is, the program knows the rules, which describe how and in what sequence the chords appear in the chord progression. On each step, the program suggests only those chords, which are suitable for the current position in the chord progression.
■ The program understands the ‚voice-leading‘ rules. The rules define how one chord notes transform to another chord notes. The chord progressions, where these rules are used, sound very harmonious.
■ The program contains demo-scripts, which show how to use the program, and how to compose melodies.
■ The program has an option that exports the melody to a midi (*.mid) file. The exported file consists of three tracks: melody, chords, bass. You can import this file to any midi sequencer or style arranger to create a complete tune.



System Requirements:

Minimum Requirements:
Requires a Dual-Core 2.5 GHz processor
Memory: 2 GB RAM
OS: Windows XP (32-bit or 64-bit)
DirectX: Version 9.0
Additional Notes:
This mod makes use of DirectX 9 which may not be available to some users. If you find that it isn’t compatible with your system, try it with DirectX 8 instead, or remove the DX9 files if you wish to use the mod without the need of DirectX 9.
Important: If you’re using

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