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mbx2eml is a very lightweight, yet reliable application that converts MBX files to EML format using a command line approach.
Such a utility can be advantageous for users who are looking to extract the contents of MBOX files, but also need to import the information back to Outlook. By converting MBOX messages to an EML format with the aid of mbx2eml, this will be made possible in a very fast manner.
Simple-to-handle app
Truth be told, the command line approach may be a little outdated, yet contrary to popular belief, running a program in CMD mode is not that complicated and this is also the case of mbx2eml.
The EXE file located inside the download archive has a double purpose; if you launch it like you do with a normal application, it will display a series of usage tips that aim to simplify your work while running it from command line starts the actual conversion process.
Convert multiple items at a time
mbx2eml is able to convert the contents of a whole directory at a time and export the results to a user-defined output directory on the hard drive.
Once the conversion process has been initiated, each of the MBOX files will be extracted to a subfolder in the destination directory in EML format, so you will be able to tell which one is which.
A last evaluation
All in all, mbx2eml does accomplish the task, but a more user-friendly approach materialized in a simple GUI would do it much good. The response time is good and the computer’s performance is not going to be affected in any way as CPU and memory usage is low at all times. Our tests did not reveal any issues such as hangs or freezes.Nicki Minaj Told Brett Eldredge That He Looked Good in His Mug Shot

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Convert MBX files to EML format without using a COM application
Convert multiple MBX files at a time
Get a very good response time
Minimal CPU and memory consumption

Convert multiple MBX files to EML format without using a COM application:



(Windows and Linux, 64 bits)

Convert multiple MBX files at a time:



(Windows and Linux, 64 bits)

Get a very good response time:



(Windows and Linux, 64 bits)

Minimal CPU and memory consumption:



(Windows and Linux, 64 bits)

mbx2eml is available on different versions, you will find the application’s latest release version in the following link:


You may freely use mbx2eml whether you are running it on your own or as an end user for a customer, without any restrictions, provided that you give mbx2eml proper credit. You may not distribute the software using the same name as mbx2eml without written consent from the author of this software.


Install on Windows

There are two different ways to install mbx2eml:

Install the software directly from the source using the EXE file. It will then be directly added to your application menu.

Or, copy the entire.ZIP archive to a temporary location and double-click on it to extract everything inside the folder. Afterwards, launch the Software Center from the start menu and install the mbx2eml package from there.

Install on Linux

Linux users may use the.ZIP archive or the.DEB package.

.ZIP archive

The archive contains the compiled application and the usage instructions provided by the software. Once you extract the archive, mbx2eml should be available in your application menu. Launch it to start using the software.

.DEB package

The.DEB package contains all the dependencies required to run the application, i.e. the development files, compiler tools, makefiles, a utility and the application itself.

Alternatively, you may find the source code.zip archive inside the distribution.


Mbx2eml 2016 For PC

As indicated above, mbx2eml is a command-line tool that is able to convert MBX messages to EML format. All the conversion takes place in real time so you can forget about any delay issues.

Export messages to EML
Easy to handle from command line
CMD mode and graphical user interface are equally supported

mbx2eml Limitations:

*MBX files conversion is only possible from the GUI option provided in the app itself

Price: Free
Source URL:

P.S. mbx2eml, unlike other tools for MBX conversion, can be fully controlled by the environment variables that are set by default.

Converting mbox to EML, Avoiding performance issue

Janice, 19-Aug-2014 02:12 PM

If your goal is to convert all messages in MBOX file, then you can use this program mbx2eml. This command line based program lets you convert mbx files to EML format using DOS commands. It supports EML format which is also an appropriate file format.

Advantages of using mbx2eml

mbx2eml works with multiple inputs and outputs to give control over the conversions at any level. It has powerful CMD mode to do the same.

It can easily store huge amount of data.

It provides a GUI which is not very difficult to handle.

Data can be exported to EML in standalone directories.

Performance is also fine in this tool.

mbx2eml is an application that lets you convert mbx files to EML format. You need to have EML file format specification so that it can convert mbx to EML format.

Performance Impact

mbx2eml is pretty fast tool that requires almost no RAM. And a little CPU performance is also required.

The installation process may consume a little amount of memory. It may rise slightly if you want to do multiple conversions at the same time.

Getting Started

You need to have few EML specification files. These file specifications are needed for the conversion. The files are not that big and take very less time.

There are no pre-requisites but the users should have command line access.

You need a working command-line tool.


What’s New in the?

– Convert multiple MBOX files to EML format
– Supports multiple convert modes
– Command line interface
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System Requirements:

* For Windows PC operating systems
* For Mac operating systems
* For Linux operating systems
* For Android and iOS operating systems
* For Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, Mint, Gentoo, Arch Linux, etc. operating systems
* For Mac OS X operating systems
* Not required for Linux operating systems
* Not required for Android and iOS operating systems
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