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How can I debug a running process in Linux?

What are the ways in Linux that let me debug a process which is running? I am trying to figure out which process exactly is causing a problem. I could attach strace to the process. Is there any other way to find the process?


There’s tons of tools for debug, from strace, gdb, at, etc. Most of them are extremely useful, but the major downside is they can only debug after the fact, and you lose the opportunity to „fix“ the issue.
There’s also dumpcap, which provides a good way to record and replay a process’s transactions, but does not interact well with most actual debugging tools.


There are a variety of methods, but they all come down to the exact same thing: you need to attach a debugger to the process.
Some examples:

gdb – this is probably the most comfortable, since it’s usually integrated into your system. It’s known to be very powerful for a variety of reasons, but it’s not „set and forget“ either, and it needs to be set up ahead of time.
strace – it’s similar to gdb, except that it’s designed to be used from within strace. You’re a bit more limited with it, but it can be really powerful since you can view every syscall that the process is doing. It too is „set and

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Kasumi Rebirth 3.3.1 Uncensored Download

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Skin tissue from the hind limb was fixed

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