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Folha de Estilo da Grafica Folha de Estilo da Grafica Quem Daquele Aplicativo?Advantages of a Remote workforce

Be it the most organised manufacturer or the most independent organisation, the demand for an organisation to have the flexibility to work according to their preferred business model has never been higher. However, with such flexibility comes the risk of being ill-prepared. If the remote workforce was not well prepared to support, your whole organisation could be put under serious risk.

During this COVID-19 pandemic, more and more organisations have been requiring their remote workers to work during the day, whilst simultaneously being able to support their families, to work from home and to be physically isolated at the same time.

Cisco’s Virtual Private Network (VPN) Service can provide your remote workers with a comprehensive VPN solution. We can set up an encryption VPN from one of our data centres across the globe. The VPN provides your remote workers with a secure connection from their end point, encrypting their data. Combined with Virtual Private Desktop Infrastructure (VDPI), a Remote Desktop session can be established within minutes of the first connection. The Remote Desktop session will appear as if you’re connected on the local network.

Best of all, the service will be available as a SaaS model, meaning you will have no upfront costs.

It is important to note that while the VPN is encrypted, the data travelled is not, so if your data is to be exchanged with a third party, it is still recommended you encrypt the data you are exchanging.

What can you use a VPN for?

This article can’t cover every use-case a VPN can be used for, however we’ve listed some of the more common ones below.

Surfing the web without being tracked

With the COVID-19 pandemic currently affecting many businesses, sensitive information and customer details are being exchanged everyday, making it imperative that your remote workers are physically isolated. However, if a VPN is setup, a person connecting to the VPN can browse the web without being tracked, and it will appear as if they are physically connected to the network.

Securing your connection with a VPN

If you don’t want your VPN connection to be intercepted, use dynamic IP addresses and utilize site-to-site VPN. With this service, a VPN connection is established from your remote

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