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A drawing of the the interior of a Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Credit: Click to enlarge.


AutoCAD is a vector-based (2D/2.5D) CAD and drafting program.

The program is the industry standard for 3D CAD drafting, allowing users to draw free-hand (without a drafting table) in any of three orthographic views (CAD) and draw to precise scales.

The program also features the option to 3D model parts, assemblies and assemblies.

The program allows free motion, including the ability to rotate, move, and zoom.

It also includes several 2D features, including multiple windowing, named layers, and an ability to clip (“copy”) parts to one another.

With the use of table-mounted or “trackpad” styluses, the user can draw with multiple pens (e.g. shading and pen) by moving the stylus along the tablet surface in any direction.

User-customizable interface designs are also available, allowing for the programs‘ easy use, if desired.

AutoCAD has multiple file formats, including DXF, DWG, DGN, IGES, and PLY.

The software supports over 20 languages, including Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Slovakian, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish.

To create 3D models, AutoCAD also provides the ability to import and export STL (Standard Tessellation Language) files, and FDM (File Definition Method) files.

The program’s toolbars are fully customizable, allowing for complex workflows and commands to be performed without needing to re-tool the program each time the user wishes to perform an action.

The program can import and export Microsoft Word documents, and RTF (Rich Text Format) files.

AutoCAD has a full complement of customizable ribbon icons, allowing for the user to customize their work experience.

The program also allows for the use of external (extension) tools and templates to allow users to accelerate their work, with a full set of tools ranging from steel framing to metals to concrete to the mechanical components of aircraft and automobiles.

The program is also compatible with a number of engineering and drafting applications, including SolidWorks, Autodesk Invent

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The development of AutoCAD came to a halt in 2007. According to the company’s website, „Autodesk will continue to develop and sell AutoCAD for licensed use in a commercial setting and within Autodesk-authorized training programs and is planning to release AutoCAD for Personal Use in a non-commercial setting. Autodesk will continue to support the product in the public domain and support a „no-charge“ extension model.“

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Login and start drawing.

Open the „Keygen.bat“ file. It’s in „C:\Program Files\AutoCAD\AutoCAD 2020“ folder.

And then, go to „F:\key.txt“ (or to any other folder you want) and type „cd“. This will take you in the „key“ folder.

Type „keygen“

Now, it will ask you to enter the serial number that you got after installation. Type the number and press Enter.

After typing the serial number, it will ask you to enter the key. Type it and press Enter.

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What’s New In?

Use the AutoCAD Review Snap, Markup Import, and Markup Assist buttons to import feedback into your drawings without additional drawing steps. (video: 1:50 min.)

These buttons appear in the annotation toolbar. The Snap button opens the review form where you can add text or other markup. The Markup Import and Markup Assist buttons open the Import Markup dialog box, where you can add markup from images, printed paper, and PDFs.

You can also add markup to drawings by using the review tool.

To open the review tool in a new drawing, choose View, Review Toolbar, and then choose Review Tool.

Add Artwork Coordinates to Annotations:

Locate artworks in AutoCAD and drag artwork to your drawings in order to associate artwork with a drawing. (video: 1:10 min.)

The artwork coordinates appear in the drawing annotation. You can use these artwork coordinates to resize or rotate the annotations in the drawing.

Include a Drawing Workbook with your Revision Comments:

Add drawings from a connected workbook to revision comments in your drawing and save them as an Office Drawing Package.

Use the pull-down menu to select the drawing to include in the package. You can select multiple drawings.

You can also drag drawings from your project explorer into your revision comment packages.

The linked workbook should be a location database. This ensures that new drawings added to your revision package are added to the linked workbook.

Use the revision workflow to publish the package as a new drawing and comment version to your drawing. You can see the revision comments in the Revisions dialog box.

Use the revision workflow to publish the package to a drawing attachment. You can also send the package to a location for further use.

When you publish the package, you can include revisions or comments to the attachments.

Add Scale Bars to Drawings:

Use the Scale Bar dialog box to add scale bars to drawings. (video: 1:10 min.)

You can use the Scale Bar dialog box to add scale bars to drawings.

You can also use the pull-down menu to select the type of scale bar you want.

The selection bar indicates where you are dragging. You can also drag the scale bar to the drawing.

A dark line indicates a top or bottom scale bar and a lighter line indicates a left or right scale bar.

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