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Photoshop is a rather complex program for beginning to intermediate users. It can be used to edit images in three different ways:

Merging multiple layers together to create a single image

Creating an image by manipulating individual layers

Creating images by manipulating a single layer

An image layer is simply a picture that is placed onto a selected or created layer.

Layers can be individually rotated, moved, scaled, resized, and skewed, and can be masked and obscured by a selection. The primary purpose of Photoshop layers is to organize the contents of an image into easily identifiable shapes.

Photoshop has one of the most powerful and comprehensive feature sets available, with literally hundreds of different tools, effects, and filters. There are even alternatives to Photoshop, such as GIMP.

In addition to its editing features, Photoshop includes powerful features for organizing and managing images. Images can be set as groups that contain layers and image adjustments, and can be set to automatically open or save each time they are modified.Q:

Not sure how to formulate this sentence?

Our family has been eating family breakfast for the last 20 years.
Does the sentence make any sense? If not, what would be a good way to rewrite it?


Something like:

This has been our custom/way of doing things for the last 20 years.

Your sentence uses the present simple, which is unusual in this context. I would suggest using the present perfect:

Since the very beginning, we have been eating family breakfast.

This implies that the custom/way of doing things was established in the past, and that your family have continued with it.
Without more context or an example of a specific custom, it is not entirely clear what the link is between eating family breakfast and the custom.
Also, it is not apparent what the length of time is that the custom/way of doing things has been established.

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Adobe Photoshop Elements is free for personal and home use. However, if you’re an active user of Adobe Photoshop, you can get paid versions which offer additional benefits.

Access to premium features through the Creative Cloud is free for personal use, while a paid annual subscription gives you access to all features.

Adobe Elements allows you to edit between 16 and 8 bit images and use layers, which is a key feature of Photoshop. You also get the ability to change the resolution, and zoom in and out of your images. You can convert your files to the TIFF format, as well as other editing options. It also includes photo printing, file management, file compression, and converting graphics to the PNG format.

Adobe Photoshop

If you are a professional photographer, you need an editing program that comes with the most advanced features. You can choose between Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Photoshop Elements, depending on your personal preferences.

Adobe Photoshop includes a lot of advanced features that are used for a wide range of purposes. You can edit almost every image format, image transformation, and use a wide range of effects, colors, and filters. It features also a lot of tools and resources, such as the History panel, the adjustment layers, the pen tool, and live blend modes.

Adobe Photoshop CC

For those who want to use this software with a monthly subscription, Adobe Photoshop CC is a great option. It has the features and tools of the full version of Photoshop, but at a reasonable price.

Adobe Photoshop CC runs on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux and comes in two versions, 32 bit and 64 bit. It also lets you work on a Creative Cloud monthly subscription, offering you training materials, a perpetual license, and other benefits.

The prices of Photoshop are as follows:

Adobe Photoshop Elements

If you are a beginner, Adobe Photoshop Elements is a great way to start editing images. The most advanced features are available here, but it doesn’t have the wider range of features than Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop Elements is available on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux, and comes in four versions:

Adobe Photoshop Elements 15

Adobe Photoshop Elements 16

Adobe Photoshop Elements 17

Adobe Photoshop Elements 18

Adobe Photoshop Elements 18 CC

Adobe Photoshop Elements 18 CC is a monthly subscription software that includes all features of Photoshop. It

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Alternate ending:

In game:

Select Cheat mode from the title screen.

(If your cheats are not working, make sure to set the Game Version to [1.1] or something else.)

Starting at a save point at level 28, you can try to kill this Great Slug with the Big Bomb if you’re not careful when it’s under the fire, so it’ll run to the cliff and it’ll end up getting stuck. You can always try to make it fall into the water, but it’s safest to leave it be. If you’re quick enough, it’ll jump over the cliff and you can stab it with your Great Axe while it’s in the air.Jaime Barrionuevo

Jaime Barrionuevo (November 15, 1900 – October 15, 1979) was a Peruvian journalist and writer. He was the first member of his family to attend university. His first marriage ended in divorce. He was married to Elvia Lujan de la Peña and they had a daughter, Delia.


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Category:20th-century male writersQ:

How to get the size of the folder

I’m playing with Google Drive API and accessing files with Drive SDK. I’m trying to get the folder’s size but when I upload a file inside the folder, I get a negative value with getFiles().getBytesTotal()
According to the documentation (
It should return the folder’s size which is larger than the files which is 0 (bytes). I checked that when I remove the file from the folder it does’t return the same value.


You need to include the size of the folder in the request as well. That is, include Files:

and add metadata.
Here’s an example:
List files = new ArrayList();

new File(

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We’re starting this week’s series in the way I know will delight series-smashing moviegoers everywhere: with a character portrait. Today we’re starting with Optimus Prime. The character was created by the late John Barber and debuted in 1984’s “Transformers: The Movie.” His design for “The Movie” would go on to become the actual first appearance of Optimus Prime’s character.

This image was part of a series of character posters which were included in the Transformers: The Movie “Special Edition” comic book. The comic took place on a separate Earth from the rest of the films, and consisted mainly of much older robots — including a more mature Optimus Prime. And the “Special Edition” version of the poster also included this language — the first comic appearance of the Transformer’s motto:

“Life. The Allspark wants life. It’s the reason I was sent here.”

The author of the online Transformers: The Movie “Special Edition” comic — which is much better than anything I’ve come across elsewhere — is Brian Cackowski, and he has a bit of a background with the character. In the 1980s, he was a graphic designer who worked on the “Transformers: The Movie” book for Marvel Comics. But in the pages of the comic, there is this moment — when Optimus Prime’s heart is seen being crushed by Megatron, as they tried to figure out how to replicate the Allspark — that struck a chord with Cackowski.

“I just started crying and crying,” Cackowski tells “This movie was everything to me. This is what I wanted.”

“To see this great moment of agony and suffering,” says Cackowski, “and I can’t even describe how much I wanted to see that in a live-action movie, and then to see a robot where that moment had come true, and the scene was so great and he was so lonely and suffered, it just blew me away.”

As Cackowski saw it, Optimus Prime was the “unacknowledged hero” of the first three “Transformers” films. After Megatron had destroyed the Allspark, Optimus Prime sought out and found it in the

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