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For the first time, launch a new fantasy action RPG based on the story of the world of Borderlands, as one of the three main characters—Tom, Aloy, and Zilius—and receive the guidance of the Elden Lords.

Explore the Lands Between and fight enemies, collect treasure, and enhance weapons to increase your strength. There are many monsters and NPCs in the Lands Between. Equip various weapons and magic to increase your combat effectiveness and tackle various dangerous situations.

You can freely develop your character and use skills that you unlock as you explore the game.


[…] fantasy action RPG for the PlayStation 4. 1 6. Elden Ring 2022 Crack Game.

PROS: A vast world with diverse situations and huge dungeons full of complex and three-dimensional designs. An epic drama with a variety of thoughts that leads to a wide scope of feelings.

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Features Key:

  • A World Apart: An online game that brings players together, rather than a standalone product.
  • A Mythical Setting: Be a Tarnished lord and wield the power of the Elden Ring.
  • Symmetry: Combat, story, and a seamless level to enjoy these parts without breaks.
  • Combined arms: Enhance your weapons and protect yourself

    • Equip and make use of powerful weapons made by the greatest craftmen of antiquity.
      Travel the Lands Between an adventurer, by developing your character.
    • Obtain a variety of weapons designed specifically for your play style, and be constantly getting better with them.
      Create your own weapon powerful enough to wield against even the Elden Ones.
    • Equip a variety of armor and shields.
      Protect yourself from bladed and bone weapons, or even light projectiles.
      Protect your body from harm while staying invincible.

    The New Vast World: A central map for a project that combines the worlds and the Heavens

    • Explore the various worlds.
      Travel the various worlds using the various means of transportation.
      Watch the incredible speed of some of the earliest game development devices.
    • Create a situation that suits your play style.
      Use unique weapons and equipment to devise a strategy that suits your play style.
    • Explore a 3D world that can fulfill your desires, and bring them to life.
      Take advantage of the freedom to do as you like and the lack of limitations.
      Enjoy a sense of unity with the world and other players.

    Discover the various worlds of the Lands Between

    • Witness the stories of the Lands Between, full of action, battle, power, and consequence.
    • Travel freely and safely, creating a new story from the Landscapes and Tales of past.
    • Build your own world. Build a dwelling, plant trees, and create a city with the inhabitants.
    • Bring your creations to life, using your full imagination.

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    “The number of enemies that could kill you at one time can be reduced by using the ‘Magic Herald’ in the Plains of Tomorrow.”

    “It is the first time that I feel a real action RPG.”

    Shunya “Boss Miyazawa” Miyazawa

    Producer of the Game: Nobuaki Kajima


    “It allows for easy and smooth progress by ensuring that you can get stronger.”

    “In this game, even a player who cannot use a lot of actions is able to progress smoothly.”

    Teibo Yoichi

    Character Designer: Nobuaki Kajima

    “The result is the most well-balanced action RPG that I have played.”

    Asano Yukihiro

    Scenario Writer: Nobuaki Kajima

    “This has the highest difficulty that I have played in a long time.”

    Shunya “Boss Miyazawa” Miyazawa

    Producer of the Game: Nobuaki Kajima


    “If you are looking for an action RPG with a sense of strategy, this game is worth playing.”

    “There is an overflow of aspects, so players will be able to enjoy it for a long time.”

    Domaka Akihiko

    Executive Producer: Nobuaki Kajima

    “It does not require too much time to play.”

    Asano Yukihiro

    Scenario Writer: Nobuaki Kajima

    “It is a game that


    Elden Ring Crack Patch With Serial Key For Windows

    ■Many enemies in different worlds, seamless connection.
    • Maps and dungeons in various worlds and great battles to fight.
    ■13 classes that can be freely customized
    •Choose your favorite character class, and then decide which weapons and armor to equip as a basis for your character development.
    ■Change the starting class according to your play style
    or put together weapons and armor you like to create a new character.
    ■Character stats that affect game play
    character stats, such as attack power and defense, increase as you equip more powerful weapons and armor.
    ■Experience points acquired from gaining EXP are added to your characters stats.
    Players who advance a character have a higher chance to see the rarest items.
    Players can sell the items they acquire and get better equipment to become even stronger.
    ■Leveling system and quest system
    With each quest cleared, your characters level up. As you level up, the total points you receive for clearing quests increases, and the power and strength of your equipments increases.
    As your character grows stronger, the frequency of battles you fight increases, and the rate at which you gain EXP increases.
    There are quests scattered throughout the world. You can complete these quests according to your play style, with the assistance of creatures called „Companions“ who become weaker and weaker each time they are defeated.
    By clearing higher level quests, you will be able to gain EXP more frequently and get rare items.
    ■Special quests
    There are quests you can only complete by controlling the „Companions“.
    Through completing these quests, you will obtain special items that are very useful to you, and can have great effects on the game.
    ■For example, you can experience the power of the powerful Skull Warrior by using the „Skull Warrior’s Rift“.
    ■An original structure of the game in a fantasy setting
    The Lands Between is a fantasy setting based on a vast world where you can freely choose your destination.
    The main attraction of the Lands Between are high quality graphics and exciting gameplay.
    The game also supports the following characteristics:
    ■ The Lands Between is a world with many elements of myth: the Lands Between is an extension of a fantasy world, and its existence is closely connected with the story of a hero called „Saint Bartleby“ who protects the Lands Between.
    ■ Actions to take part in are classified into main quests and special quests.
    Main quests are quests that can be cleared by the characters of the main


    What’s new:


    One response to “Tarnished Tales”

    Copper BlackWolf said:
    January 7, 2013 at 3:09 pm
    Well, thanks for letting me enjoy(or not) a game that looks like other run of the mill MMOs (with the art not worth much because its run of the mill) that I’ve been playing but one of them has been WoW and I hate WoW so it’s not really my cup of tea.
    However, Guild Wars 2 is a bit different.package argon

    import (

    type ClientId struct {
    TTL int64
    Value [10]byte
    Store Store
    Block Block
    auth string
    BlockCtx BlockCtx

    // ClientId 형식:
    func NewClientId() ClientId {
    id := NewClientId(nil, Store, Block)

    return id

    // NewClientId 서버용 ClientId, dw, sb, bn, eu 값마우지
    func NewClientId(dw, sb, bn, eu, auth string) ClientId {
    if dw == „“ {
    logger.Warn(„서버용 ClientId 쓰는 도구 없습니다. 빌드 과제 프로젝트로 범위 수정하세요“)

    clientIDValue, err := strconv.Atoi(sb)
    if err!= nil {
    logger.Warn(„strconv.Atoi() 에러“)
    return ClientId


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    How to keep value of background color when resetting height

    I have a function that is using the recursion to draw a tree. Here is what it looks like:

    And here is my code:

    var tree = [];
    for (var i = 1; i e.position.x e.position);
    c.forEach(position => {
    ctx.rect(position.x, 50, 50, 50);
    ctx.fillStyle = tree[i].position.y * 50 + „00“;
    var position = tree[i].position;
    ctx.rect(position.x, position.y, tree[i].childs.length * 50, 50);
    ctx.strokeStyle = „orange“;
    body {
    margin: 0;
    background-color: gray;

    When the tree reaches the height of 3, the background color becomes green.
    What I want to ask is:

    How can I keep the color as it is as the tree continues


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