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Desktop Plagiarism Checker helps you to detect plagiarism in your writing projects, making sure that all the information you use is completely original.
Plagiarism detectors check for similarities in the style, the grammar, the tone, the spelling and the structure of your writing.
Now you can check for plagiarism while working at your computer, instead of wasting your time and money on in-depth plagiarism checkers on the Internet.
Desktop Plagiarism Checker will automatically detect similarities between your text and all available databases of digital content on the Internet.
While it may sound hard to use, it is really easy. Plagiarism Checker is a free program with a powerful detection engine.
You only need to paste your text in the application’s window and let it analyze your work.
It will analyze your text and compare it with different types of media, such as thesauri, search engines, books, papers, magazines, etc. You can also select specific types of content by writing a keyword or a book name.
After analyzing your writing, Desktop Plagiarism Checker will tell you if it was copied from somewhere else or not.
And even if it is plagiarism, it will tell you where in the text it was copied from.
It will even analyze your paper for spelling and grammar mistakes.
Key Features of Desktop Plagiarism Checker:
Detects the text/content/quote used as a source
Detects text/content/quote used as a source
Finds similarities between the source and the text/content/quote used as a source
Finds similarities between the source and the text/content/quote used as a source
Scan documents, including PDF files
Quick Scan

15 Oct 2011

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San Francisco – California Plagiarism Checker is a simple application that can help you to find plagiarism in any piece of writing, essay, paper, application or any other submitted document. This plagiarism detection software will check your essay against a database of different sources of content.
You are not required to buy the licensed version of this software. All of the free features are offered by this free application. San Francisco – California Plagiarism Checker is a great alternative to those costly softwares that cost thousands of dollars. The application is simple to use and does not require any special computer skills.
The Best Originality Report

The software will help you to discover the original

Desktop Plagiarism Checker Crack Download

1. The next sentences of the copied text can be copied and pasted.
2. The last sentences of the copied text can be copied and pasted.
3. Supports some of the most common text-search engines available on the Internet.
4. Compares the text with entries from Google Books and Google Scholar, to verify if any fragments were used without being properly quoted.
5. Identifies the number of unique sentences, letting you know how much of the handed paper is actually original content and how much was simply the result of excessive copy / paste actions.
Keyboard Shortcuts:
[1] – View your clipboard text
[2] – Locate the word/phrase under the cursor and cut it
[3] – Paste the next sentence of the copied text
[4] – Paste the last sentence of the copied text
[5] – Search for a specific word in a document and get the address from where it was found

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Desktop Plagiarism Checker Crack


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What’s New in the Desktop Plagiarism Checker?

Desktop Plagiarism Checker is a simple application that allows you to check the originality of any text using various Internet search engines.
This tool makes it possible for you to analyze tens of pages at a time, thus helping you carry out a precise research about the source of your paper.
It also checks the level of originality of your paper, and displays the proportion of original material in the entire submission.
Furthermore, it shows the number of unique sentences and the total number of words of the submitted text.
Desktop Plagiarism Checker is a simple tool that will provide you with the necessary means of analyzing the originality of your writing.
With its help you can check the proportion of original material in a paper, and even compare the originality of several versions of the same text.
The tool can be used to check writing assignments, essays and thesis.
Thanks to its simple design and easy-to-use interface, Desktop Plagiarism Checker can be used by anyone.
Main features:
– Compares up to 100 pages of text with entries from Google Books and Google Scholar
– Provides you with the actual source of a paper
– Shows the number of unique sentences and the total number of words of the submitted text
– Allows to check writing assignments, essays and thesis
– Compares the originality of several versions of the same text
– Displays the proportion of original material in the entire submission
– Supports 195 languages
– Free.
– Can be used with any Windows operating system.

– Download:
– Download:

Desktop Plagiarism Checker is a user-friendly and efficient application that can help you verify if an essay or homework is using too much 'borrowed' information.
If you are a teacher and are tired of simply reading the same essay twenty times, then this piece of software is for you. Desktop Plagiarism Checker provides you with the proper means of checking your students' work and showing each one where they got their information from, even supplying the web link for the source material.
The application can prove just as useful if you want to check your own work in order to be sure that you kept quotes within the recommended limits, as it can be quite tempting to over-quote, when you feel someone else said it better than you.
Desktop Plagiarism Checker allows you to enter an indefinite amount of text, allowing you to paste tens of pages

System Requirements For Desktop Plagiarism Checker:

Intel i5-6200 6-Core 2.5GHz / AMD equivalent
OS: Windows 10 64-bit / Windows 7 64-bit / Windows 8.1 64-bit / Windows 10 32-bit / Windows 8 64-bit / Windows 7 32-bit
Memory: 6GB RAM
Graphics Card: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 970 / AMD Radeon™ R9 390 equivalent
Hard Drive: 30GB free disk space
Software: AMD Catalyst™ driver version 13.10 or above / NVIDIA® CUDA™ driver version 8.0

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