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User-created games played in the Roblox platform can be written in any of the following three programming languages: Java, Python, and Lua. The platform has both a sandbox mode where all code is run in a sandbox, and a live mode where code is run in the Roblox server. Developers can distribute their games for other platforms through the RVD (Roblox Virtual Distribution) Platform, which allows users to create and distribute apps.

Roblox is an online game-hosting platform and game-building engine. The platform offers a variety of online games for a wide array of ages and interests, with some of the most popular games on the site including First-Person Shooter, Adventure, Block-Building, Puzzle, Sports, MMO and RPG.
Roblox has a focus on role-playing games, sports games, and other cartoon-oriented games, and employs playful animation in its games and in its website.
Roblox has over 170 million monthly users worldwide and is free to use, making it one of the largest websites and games on the Internet. Users can also buy more gaming time by spending Robux.

Roblox Pros and Cons:
Roblox Pros:
– Great games. – Lots of creative designers. – Free to play. – Lots of content – works well on mobile devices. – Variety of games. – Possible to make money on game platforms.
Roblox Cons:
– Lack of community. – Minimal mod support. – Can be a fairly shallow platform. – Not exactly „family friendly“.

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Thanks for the good information. I am a fan of Roblox website and I think that you have put a lot of nice information on this Roblox wiki page. I think that it is a good source of information if you have any questions about this website and its games.

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Thanks for the good information. I am a fan of Roblox website and I think that you have put a lot of nice information on this Roblox wiki page. I think that it is a good source of information if you have any questions about this website and its games.


Yea right on 8born9

Ain’t sayin it wrong just sayin it wrong.

Why spend your time on a website that


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