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Roblox is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online game creation platform that features a virtual world called the „Roblox Studio“ and a programming environment that allows users to make their own games in various genres and themes. Roblox’s virtual world consists of areas that are designed to resemble the real world and the fictional world from an 8-bit video game. Roblox also has a virtual currency, Robux, that can be used to buy items, from costumes and weapons to property and game developers.
Players can design and create game worlds and characters through the Roblox Studio, which is available as both a website and a smartphone app. Players can then publish their games for others to play. World servers for Roblox games can host up to 10 million users.
When a new user signs up for Roblox, they are given one account that can be used to create the player’s game avatar and name, as well as a second account that is used to purchase various virtual goods with their real-world funds. Both of these accounts are linked to a parent account, which can be established by connecting a player’s Facebook or Google account. This allows for additional security and parenting features for parents.
Players can use these two accounts to purchase limited-time game effects, join clans, buy virtual property, and visit customizable in-game Avatar Land. Players can participate in contests and take part in other in-game events through the Roblox website or the mobile app. The content available to players varies depending on the platform.
To help players maintain player privacy and security, Roblox provides both free and paid services that are optional to use. Both services use a virtual private network that encrypts user information. Players also have the ability to set up proxy servers, which help hide their location and other information.
Roblox’s membership model is free, but players can spend real-world funds to purchase Robux, which can be used to purchase in-game virtual items, such as furniture, clothing, vehicles, and weapons. According to Roblox, the virtual currency is mostly used to purchase virtual property, which can be given to friends or sold to other players for the currency. Once purchased, some virtual items cannot be sold for real-world funds, although this can change from game to game.
Players can also pay Robux for membership services, such as additional virtual land, Avatars, and additional characters. Some services can also be purchased as „premium“ members


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